All-terrain Cranes

An ATV for Construction!

When driving through the concrete jungle, you are most likely to see many forms of construction vehicles busy working on a building structure. Most of the time, these machines are compact and relatively small, but when these construction projects get bigger and higher, the right machinery need to be used to have a safe and functional working environment at specific heights. The most popular and effective machine in today’s era for working at height would be a crane. Although these machines would take up a massive amount of space on the ground, they ensure that the job is getting done at the top of these big machines. Operating a proper crane is certainly a very important and responsible job – one you would need to be as accurate and calculated as possible to execute the movements it is capable of and operating it proficiently.

Having to operate a crane in an area filled with streets and buildings is relatively easy, as the streets would provide direct access to where the construction site is, and a somewhat level base to operate from. Keeping these heavy machines as stable as possible is always the best way of going about setting up and operating them. On the other side, you might also need such a machine when breaking ground on a brand-new project, and that means rough terrain. This is where the all-terrain cranes come into the picture.

What is an all-terrain crane?

Imagine a crane with the mobility of an all-terrain vehicle and the stability of a proper construction machine. Combine those elements, and you get a masterpiece. Having to deal with rough terrain is part of the job when referring to construction, and this is where these vehicles get to shine. Construction can be a tough business with hard work and long hours involved, with much of the trust being put into the machinery on site. Having the right tools for the job will speed up the job being executed and a better result at the end of the day.

Considering what 600SA Holdings has on offer in this section, we find that Link-Belt has the best solutions for what we are looking for. Up first is their series of rough-terrain cranes. Although these might not be suitable for every terrain, they can still get the job done with the least amount of hassle when dealing with uneven surfaces. This crane features a boom with four sections, with a starting length of 8,8 m that can extend to an impressive 27,8 m, and with a maximum tip height of 43,6 m. For stability and mobility, this machine has big and fat treaded off-road tyres with stabilising arms to ensure it stays in one place during operation.

Turning to the bigger brother, we find Link-Belt Cranes’ All-Terrain Series. This series of trucks features a proper base truck capable of travelling over any type of hard surface, with a choice between a bigger and smaller model. Looking at the structure and build of the truck, we find that it is designed for proper mobility and can handle anything thrown its way. With stabilising arms that can be deployed once the site is reached and the crane is lined up, one can simply say that this all-terrain crane is the way to go. Specifications on these models will leave you very impressed, with a capacity ranging from 185 t to 250 t, depending on the model you choose. The smaller model features a boom with 6 sections, capable of a range between 13,5 m and 61 m, with its bigger brother having a 7-section boom, reaching anywhere from 13,3 m to a stunning 68 m. Maximum tip height for the smaller model, is almost 100 m, with the big brother reaching 350 m with ease.

Should you be interested in these rough- and all-terrain cranes, 600SA Holdings is the place for you. On our website, you will find images and proper documentation for these cranes, and all our other product ranges as well. Contact us today if you need further assistance, and we will take care of all your crane needs. At 600SA Holdings, you can expect to find simply the best machinery for you and your construction needs, all from the comfort of central place!

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