Construction Crane

Construction Site Dominance 

Construction is one of the oldest industrial occupations, and dates back thousands of years before the Common Era. The same goes for the construction crane, as there is evidence that ancient Greece and Egypt had their own interpretations of counterweight and balance to achieve elevation. Even though times have drastically changed, we still rely on cranes to erect buildings. Having the ideal equipment and machinery on site will always be beneficial to the project, and this is where 600SA Holdings can be of service.

Most construction sites are on rough terrain, due to loose surfaces that have not been levelled yet. Elevation changes are also common, and can hamper progress. On such a site you will need a crane that can handle any terrain and still deliver consistency and stability with pinpoint accuracy while on the job. 600SA Holdings has the ideal range of rough-terrain cranes that is perfect for construction purposes.

Link-Belt Cranes 

Link-Belt is an company based in America that develops and manufactures heavy construction equipment with a focus on excavators and cranes. The company’s headquarters are in Lexington, Kentucky, and they are renowned for their strong and reliable machinery. 600SA Holdings can supply you with the best machines that Link-Belt has on offer, starting with their rough-terrain model.

The RTC 8030 Series II model features smooth and accurate hydraulic controls, and can operate on loose and uneven surfaces without sacrificing stability. With a total capacity of 30 tm, this machine is ideal in the role of a construction crane. Its boom features four sections that can extend to a total of 27,8 m, and comes in at 8,8 m when fully retracted. A maximum tip height of 43,6 m allows this machine to comfortably reach the necessary heights on a construction site, and it will serve as a welcome addition to any construction fleet.

Should you be looking for something bigger and more brutish, Link-Belt’s range of telescopic crawler cranes might be what you need. Ideal for construction purposes, these machines offer outstanding performance in terms of their overall capacity, control, and reliability. With an ergonomic design that provides maximum visibility for the operator, you will have control over a versatile machine that can move proverbial mountains on the construction site. The best example, is the TCC – 1100 model.

This huge crane can handle a maximum capacity of 100 tm, with a total operating weight of 100 471 kg. Sporting a 5-section boom that is 12,2 m long when fully retracted, it can reach a maximum of 45,7 m at full extension, giving this construction crane a massive reach advantage over its competitors. With this machine in your fleet, your chances of having any crane-related limitations on your site are minimal.

We aim to provide only the best in cranes and related machinery. We stock brands like Link-Belt and Fassi to ensure that you receive quality machinery that are durable and reliable in the long run, and we can also provide industrial cleaning and waste solutions. For more information, browse our website for more details, and let 600SA Holdings take your construction fleet to the next level with a quality rough-terrain crane today.

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