Fassi Crane Dealers

A True Fassi-nation 

When it comes to quality knuckle boom cranes, Fassi is at the top of the list, and if you are looking for one of the best Fassi crane dealers in South Africa, 600SA Holdings is the place for you. Among a plethora of brands, we stock a variety of cranes for you to choose from, and will supply you with quality machinery – no matter your choice. Being intimately involved in the industrial sector in South Africa, 600SA Holdings understands the harsh demands and expectations being put on these machines, and will accordingly deliver a variety that provides a model for every task. We start off with the smallest in the range.

The Light-Duty Range 

Fassi crane dealers stock these light-duty models to cater to specific industrial needs. 600SA Holdings is no different, and provides seven models in this range. Growing market needs have seen a rise in demand for these smaller versions, as they can be of assistance when lifting lighter objects and materials. The smallest model in the range is the F28A – capable of lifting 2,5 tm, coupled with a maximum outreach of 6,9 m. Considering that this model only takes up a maximum of 1,42 m³, its power is very impressive, to say the least. Moving on to the biggest model in this range, we look at the F110A. Coming in at 3,95 m³, this model is clearly bigger, delivering more power and strength. Lifting capacity and maximum outreach clock in at 11,2 tm and 16,5 m respectively, giving you a good indication of the working range within the Fassi light-duty section.

The Medium-Duty Range 

In one of the most popular ranges for Fassi crane dealers to stock, we start with the medium-duty F135A. This model takes up a total space of 4,38 m³, which is still not that much, considering it is a knuckle boom crane. Capable of lifting a clean 13 tm and reaching out to about 16,75 m, this model is ideal for many tasks and uses within the industry. Moving on to its bigger brother – the F335A – we find a knuckle boom that lifts up to 31,7 tm and has a maximum outreach of 26,7 m.

The Heavy-Duty Range 

For all the big projects that require the heavy metal to roll in and take care of it all, Fassi crane dealers, like 600SA Holdings, stock these machines to ensure that businesses have access to renting or buying them for their big projects. Coming in at a size of 8,2 m³, the F385A is the smallest available model in this range, yet can lift an impressive 37,55 tm with an outreach of 28,65 m. Moving on to the biggest available model, we find the amazing F1950RA. One of the strongest lifting cranes Fassi produces, this knuckle boom will pick up a massive load of 127 tm, coupled with a huge reach of 41,3 m, all being produced from a machine that only takes up about 29 m³.

600SA Holdings is one of the most complete Fassi crane dealers in South Africa regarding our range of models. Feel free to browse our website for images and details on these models, and contact us if you need some questions answered.

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