Lifting Crane

The Master Lifter 

The industrial sectors can be very demanding. Big machinery and equipment are necessary to keep up with industrial demands, with companies pushing the envelope with innovative designs and elaborate functionality. At 600SA Holdings, we provide the industrial sector with similar machines from the most popular brands across the world. Our machines are not only reliable, but durable as well, not to mention the wide range of functionality and capability they offer.

One of the most common pieces of machinery that is used in many parts of the industrial world, is a lifting crane. Although static models are usually very large in size, we offer a comprehensive alternative in the form of mobile lifting cranes that can be implemented daily without the need of constructing one on-site and dealing with all the associated risks. You can simply drive or transport these models to where they need to be, and return them to the garage or warehouse at the end of the day or project.

When it comes to heavy lifters, two lifting cranes stand out above the rest, namely the Fassi F1950RA and the Link-Belt ATC-3275. Let us delve into some details regarding these amazing machines.

The Fassi F1950RA 

With no compromise in mind, this model of lifting crane is at home in the concrete jungle. It has the ability to combine exceptional lifting performance with a reduced-size structure for optimal functionality in various operating applications. High elasticity steel is used in the construction of the F1950RA to optimise resistance levels and overall weight, rendering a lifting crane that can easily be regarded as one of the strongest hydraulic cranes that 600SA Holdings has on offer.

Looking at the specifications, we see exactly why Fassi is one of the best brands in the business, as the F1950RA is capable of lifting 127 tm at a maximum outreach of up to 41,3 m. One would think that this lifting crane would take up massive amounts of space, but the overall dimensions of this amazing machine tells a different story. With a length of 4,18 m, a width of 2,54 m, and a total height of 2,73 m, this machine proves that it can produce huge amounts of lifting power without taking up that much space at all.

The Link-Belt ATC 3275 

This model of lifting crane is an all-terrain machine capable of playing with the big boys. Although the main intension is rough construction terrains, in contrast to the Fassi crane, it can still be of assistance in commercial areas as well. This machine features an expandable 7-section boom that can reach up to 68 m, and can lift a massive 250 tm. A maximum tip height of 350 m is achievable with this extremely capable all-terrain lifting crane, giving you unrivalled power and mobility.

600SA Holdings can provide you with the best selection in lifting cranes, as well as solutions to industrial cleaning and waste management. Should you require more information, peruse our website at your leisure for images and details on our machines and services. Let 600SA Holdings lift your business to the next level with quality industrial machinery that will not let you down.

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