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Light Lifters

In the industrial sector in South Africa, you are likely to find very big vehicles that can lift amazing amounts of weight at once. Although most of the lifting equipment may be aimed at heavy-duty work, there is a market for light lifters as well. Should you be looking for light-duty machinery, look no further than 600SA Holdings, as we can provide some of the most competitive models in the industry. Heavy lifters have always been part of the industrial sector, so let us turn the proverbial spotlight to the lighter lifters and see what 600SA can offer in this category.

Fassi Light-Duty Cranes

Fassi is a popular name in the area of lifting equipment in South Africa. Famous for their knuckle boom trucks, Fassi has provided quality lifters that are not only applicable to various situations and tasks, but also serve as valuable additions to any work fleet. The light-duty knuckle boom cranes showcase the attention to detail in the design of these unique machines, showing that quality can make a big difference when it comes to lifting equipment. With compact dimensions, these cranes prove that dynamite does in fact come in small packages, as we start with the smallest crane in the series – the F28A.

The F28A only takes up 1,42 m³ in total, with a lifting capacity of up to 2,5 t/m and a maximum outreach of up to 6,9 m. In short, this knuckle boom crane is versatile and capable for light lifting equipment, and can be used in various areas in industry in South Africa. Since the F28A is the smallest of the herd, let us move on to its bigger brothers, starting with the F50A.

Fassi’s F50A model is very similar to its F38A model – a bigger version of the F28A – delivering an increase in width and height when compared to the F38A. The F50A has the power to lift up to 4,7 t/m, with a maximum outreach of up to 9,25 m. Taking up only 2,11 m³ of total space, the F50A is dwarfed by many of the other, bigger cranes, but only in terms of size.

Moving to the F80A, we have a bigger model of knuckle boom crane that is capable of lifting up to 8,3 t/m. With a maximum outreach of up to 12,3 m, it is hard to imagine that this knuckle boom only takes up 3,03 m³, making it a viable choice for any South African industrial company’s fleet. The biggest model in Fassi’s light-duty lifting equipment range is the F110A. This model can lift up to 11,2 t/m, with a maximum outreach of up to 16,5 m, putting it at the limit of light-duty cranes. The F110A only takes up a total of 3,95 m³, delivering much more performance and strength than a first impression may suggest.

At 600SA Holdings, we have solutions for all your lifting equipment needs in South Africa. We also offer solutions for industrial cleaning and waste, as well as working at height. For more information, feel free to peruse our website, or contact us directly with further enquiries. Enjoy the freedom of choice with various brands available from 600SA Holdings, today.

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