Mobile Cranes

Mobility for the Win

Have you ever seen a big crane up in the air while looking at your favourite skyline as the sun sets from a beautiful vantage point just outside the city? These fixed orange cranes are designed and built for providing the utmost stability when operating so high up in the sky. Although these creations serve their purpose to the tee, not all construction projects need them for lifting. Sometimes, your construction project might be on rough terrain, or would need mobile cranes for material transport. Being in the construction industry, you would need to have the right person in charge of organisation. If you find yourself on a brand-new construction site without any foundation yet, you might benefit from a proper mobile crane that is able to deal with rough and uneven terrain without any problem. Comparing this with a construction site in the middle of the city, we find that mobile cranes are much more useful in areas where accessibility might be limited.

The Original Crane

If we rewind the clock to a time where man lived in fear of the sky falling down on them, we see that the advanced civilisations all used their own versions on static cranes when building their unique architectural structures. Although the Egyptians were millennia ahead regarding architecture, it was the Greeks that perfected the crane and its applications, when mobile cranes were not even a thought in their heads yet. With the evolution of technology over the centuries, and the age of iron and steel being the foundation of modern architecture, we still find that the original crane is not meant to move, and there are catastrophic consequences when one of these big boys tip over. Although this is a very rare occurrence, it is something that has happened before, and it might be a problem for a mobile crane as well.

The Mobile Crane

Filling a gap in the market for something very unique, mobile cranes have grown in popularity over the years. Although their traditional counterparts might still be in use in most of the urban jungle’s construction projects, you might need something capable of transporting materials with a crane. You might also need a crane capable of mobility in and around the construction site, without having to worry about raising one each time. Raising the obvious concern of stability, most of the mobile cranes are equipped with stabilising arms that keep the crane level, stable, and steady for its intended operations. These machines also come in a variety of different shapes and sizes to ensure that you can buy the perfect model for your required applications. These machines are capable of handling many more tasks than just being able to transport their attached crane to the perfect spot, and should not be underestimated simply because they happen to be mobile.

At 600SA Holdings, we offer a variety of different brands and ranges of mobile cranes and trucks for you to choose from. Link-Belt Cranes offers a selection of rough and all-terrain machinery that work well on any surface on which you might need to place a crane, with different shapes and sizes to give you the best range for various different applications. If you need a machine that can go anywhere and lift just about anything out of the way, this range of models are designed just for you. If you need something more conventional, look no further than Fassi. With a specific range for small, medium, and heavy-duty applications, these trucks are all precise on their specifications to ensure that you cannot make the wrong choice. Scaling up from the smallest – with a max reach of 6,9 m – to the biggest of them all capable of reaching up to 41,3 m – you are guaranteed to find the perfect one that fits your needs.

For all of these and more on mobile cranes, feel free to browse our website to find official specifications and documentation to guide you through each series, informing you on everything you need to know before deciding to buy. Should you require even more information, you can contact us directly and we will take care of all your crane needs as best as we can! Make your next construction project a little bit more manageable with 600SA Holdings.

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