Tower Crane

Working at Height

When it comes to working at height, Oil & Steel Aerial Platforms can provide a sensible and viable option for your company. These models can be seen as tower cranes for lifting humans about 20 m into the air to complete certain tasks, and can be used in various sectors and industries in South Africa. You are likely to see aerial platforms in use when people are working on electricity boxes that are attached at the top of the electricity poles, as well as people trimming or cutting down large trees.

The Telescopic Truck Mounted Aerial Platform

A perfect example of a tower crane to lift people, the telescopic truck-mounted aerial platform models bring us to Oil & Steel’s Snake models. These models include articulated platforms with simple or double pantograph joints, giving you the ability to not only reach high into the air, but also extend over any other obstacles at height. All Snake models feature rotation systems as well, with stabilising struts to ensure that the truck does not move while operating the platform. Since a human tower crane is not yet invented, these trucks fill a void in the market. Starting with the Snake 122 model, we have an aerial platform truck that can reach a maximum height of 20 m. The Snake 125 can reach 21 m, and the biggest model in the series – the Snake 150 – reaches a height of 25 m.

The Articulated Truck-Mounted Aerial Platform

When it comes to lifting a human into the air on the back of a truck, these articulated models are ideal for simulating a human tower crane. Oil & Steel presents the Scorpion models in this range, with a minimum GVW of 3,5 t, and equipped with a telescopic arm that can lift a human into the air with ease. Starting with the smallest version, we have the Scorpion 112 that can lift a person 20 m into the air, with the Scorpion 252 lifting a maximum of 21 m, and the Scorpion 230 reaching a height of 25 m.

The Self-Propelled Track Platform

Introducing the Octopus series, with a range of models that are all equipped with double pantograph joints, giving you the ability to extend vertically and horizontally without a problem. The extremely compact dimensions of the Octopus series make it a viable option for the title of ultimate human tower crane, even though it does not ride on the back of a truck permanently. Starting with the Octopus 25, we have a platform that can extend to a maximum of 20 m into the air, with the Octopus 45 reaching 21 m, and the Octopus 60 going to a total of 25 m.

At 600SA Holdings, you will find just about any machine capable of lifting. For more information about our working-at-height solutions, feel free to peruse the website, or contact us directly for further information. We also offer solutions for industrial cleaning and waste management, as well as a wide selection of cranes for rent and sale. Choose 600SA Holdings today, and do not worry about any lifting machinery ever again.

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