Waste Compactor

Taking Out the Trash

A common chore in any household is taking out the trash and cleaning out the bins in the house to make room for a brand-new garbage bag to replace the old full one for the week to come. It can be a very tedious process for anybody having to do it. Like any other repetitive chore, it needs to be done on a weekly basis at the very least, to avoid your house from smelling like old trash. In South Africa, we have our local municipalities that pick up the big garbage bins scattered across the streets on the designated day that the waste compactor makes its rounds. Some might not even know how these trucks work, and where they come from but, at 600SA Holdings, we supply many of these waste compactors, along with other machinery, for the industrial sector.

What is a waste compactor?

To most of you, it is called a garbage truck. These trucks are fitted with mechanisms at the back to easily scoop up the trash from an appropriately-sized bin, tossing the trash into the area where the waste gets compacted and transported to a designated dumping site. Due to the waste compacting process taking place within the truck itself, these trucks are actually called waste compactors, and not just garbage trucks. Of course, one would need the right people to man these trucks, and would usually consist of a couple of people hanging on to the back of the truck as it is driven slowly through the streets by a designated driver. The driver’s job is to keep the truck at safe speeds for the workers at the back to operate while they are jumping off and on, fetching the bins and cleaning them out into the waste compactor. It might not look like the most glamorous job in the world to be part of a garbage truck crew, but it is certainly a very important and required job in the end.

Which brands are on offer?

600SA Holdings has two brands, with a total of three series of models, on offer. Garbage disposal has been a worldwide industry for centuries, and has gone through many stages of evolution to get to where we are today. In a suburban culture and setting, these waste compactors are a regular sight, thanks to their effective and fast method of cleaning out the trash in their respective neighbourhoods. Our first brand on offer is Orakci. Orakci’s ORV Series is designed to be both tough and durable, making it an ideal choice for the South African suburbs. This series has a big and a smaller version of truck, each with specifications to match the need of the area it would be intended to serve. The ORV-313 has a body volume of 13 m3, with its bigger brother, the ORV-415, providing a useful 15 m3. The interior body dimensions of the ORV 415 are 3,27 x 2,12 x 2,16 m and those of the ORV 313 are 3,4 x 2,1 x 1,71 m.

Our second brand is Usimeca. This brand originates from Latin America, and is one of the recognised frontrunners in technological innovation. Their Delta Series consists of two models, with 19 and 21-m3 trucks respectively. The overall length of these trucks is well over 6 m, with their base lines being between 4,5 and 5 m, depending on which model you choose. We leave the best for last with the Brutus Series. Also available in 19 and 21-m3 models, these waste compactors are arguably the most aesthetically pleasing models, offering a rounded design for a pleasing appearance to complement their easy operation. Their specifications are similar to the Delta series, and one can almost say that the Brutus series is like an upgraded version of the Delta series.

Should you be interested in acquiring a proper waste compactor, 600SA Holdings is the perfect place for you to get one. If you are looking for more details on these trucks, feel free to browse our website to find images and detailed information on all our models on offer, with a variety of other machinery for you to have a look at as well. Contact us today for any further enquiries and we will give you the type of excellent service you deserve. Ensure that the chores of taking out the trash are done in the most effective and efficient way possible, with one of our compactors, today!

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