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Within the industrial sector in South Africa, cranes are some of the most popular choices of lifting equipment to ensure that construction sites have a safe way to lift heavy construction materials or move debris out of the way. Due to the incredible functionality of a crane, mobile cranes were born to deliver a vehicle-based crane that adds mobility to the equation. Mobile cranes offer versatility and ease of access in the work environment, and at 600SA Holdings, we offer a variety of mobile cranes aimed at specific industries to deliver viable lifting equipment for daily use.

Should you be looking to buy one of cranes offered for sale by 600SA, you will be met with a variety of machinery, so you can find the exact model you need for your specific work setting. We feature a selection of Fassi and Penz crane models that are truck-mounted for optimised mobility, whether they are used for commercial purposes or daily industrial work. Today, we will have a brief overview of what to expect when wanting to buy one of the cranes offered for sale by us.


Fassi and Penz Mobile Cranes

Starting with our range of Fassi mobile cranes, we offer three ranges. The light-duty range features a knuckle-boom design designed to handle their tasks quickly and efficiently, with the largest model in the range able to lift 11,2 tm, with a maximum outreach of 16,5 m to grant a large area of reach. The medium-duty range adds to the light-duty models’ abilities, offering larger and stronger models. These truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes have many uses, with the wide range of applications made possible thanks to their lifting capacity, which is 31,7 tm for the largest model in the range. Should that still not be enough, the heavy-duty range from Fassi does not hold back; these are some of the largest mobile cranes for sale from 600SA. The largest model in this range has a maximum lifting capacity of 137,5 tm, with a maximum outreach of 30,95 m.

Moving on to our selection of Penz cranes, we offer four ranges of cranes for sale, aimed specifically at recycling and forestry. Penz offers the LR and ZR ranges for recycling purposes, featuring knuckle-boom, truck-mounted models that will make the pick-up and transportation process much faster and easier. The L and Z ranges are aimed at forestry and picking up timber for transportation, allowing your truck to be fitted with a knuckle boom that can easily load and unload the vehicle without needing a secondary vehicle to do the lifting. If you are looking for mobile cranes for sale and want to buy one of these models, 600SA Holdings is where you can find what you need to boost your business with quality lifting equipment.

We offer a variety of industrial solutions to not only offer our clients a comprehensive selection, but also ensure that you can buy the ideal equipment for your work environment’s requirements. For more information on the mobile cranes we have for sale, feel free to peruse our website for detailed specifications or contact us with your enquiries. Choose 600SA Holdings today for quality industrial equipment.