Established in 1968, 600SA is celebrating 50 years as a partner of choice with South Africa’s industrial sector.

Initially founded as the local subsidiary of the international Group 600, to manufacture machine tools, 600SA quickly diversified to become a market leader in South Africa in industrial and mechanical handling equipment. Joining the EIE Group in 2012, 600SA today provides a wide range of best-in-class brands for working at height, lifting and loading and waste management, and has an established track record in service excellence over a broad range of industrial customers.

Recent contracts, for example, include supply of the largest articulated truck-mounted crane in Africa. A Fassi F1650 purchased by Engineering Top Tech was fitted onto an articulated dump truck deployed on a copper mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The crane is being used in onsite repairs to the massive earthmoving equipment used on the mine, significantly reducing the downtime and equipment travel required.

Other contracts over the past year ranged from the supply of Fassi heavy duty knuckle-boom cranes to Jacobs Transport, to the supply of Orakci waste compactors purchased by the State of Kuwait as a gift to the United Republic of Tanzania.

600SA has also continued to expand its suite of best-in-class brands, sourced internationally, to proactively meet demand from its customer base. Most recent distributors include that for Oil&Steel aerial platforms, predominantly for the municipality and electricity sectors.

“600SA’s rich history of servicing the local market is supported by its commitment to investigating new applications and continued delivery of innovative and quality products to the materials handling industry,” says Gary Neubert, EIE Group’s CEO. “This is in turn backed up by a heritage dating as far back as 1834, when it was established in the United Kingdom as a company dealing with smaller engineering activities, and which provides the origins to its admittedly unusual name!”

“Try 600” was the often-given advice to people seeking goods that led to the name of what would evolve into an international group of companies, founded at 600 Commercial Road next to the River Thames in London. Known originally as George Cohen & Sons, the company soon changed its name and changed course from scrap metal to steel merchants and ultimately machine tool manufacturing.

“While this 50 year celebration is an occasion to celebrate 50 years of 600SA, it is also an opportunity to acknowledge the invaluable and loyal service of our people at 600SA,” comments Gary Neubert. “Without them the company would not have evolved into the modern, technologically advanced company it is today.”

As part of its commitment to building partnerships for life with its customers, 600SA supports its client base over the complete product lifecycle, including maintenance contracts, operator and maintenance staff training and spares and aftermarket support. Distribution and service are carried out through branches in the main centres with depots and dealers complementing the Southern Africa network.

The best-in-class brands distributed by 600SA include the Oil&Steel articulated and telescopic cherry pickers, the Fassi, Penz Crane, Cranab and the Oracki, Usimeca, Bucher Schorling and Marrel waste management equipment.

For further information contact:
Rentia Grobler
Email: rentiag@600sa.co.za
Website: www.600SA.co.za