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The construction industry is no stranger to the use of cranes, as it can be seen as the birthplace of the concept, with construction cranes dating back to Ancient Greece. Companies in the industry are used to taking full advantage of the lifting capability of this incredible concept, with counterweight designs still being used in the modern era, even though technology has allowed us to move to new concepts altogether. Some of these new concepts include mobile cranes, as opposed to static versions, giving the operator the freedom to move to specified locations without having to construct a crane at the location.

Construction Crane SuppliersIn the beginning of the mobile crane era, their lifting capacities were limited, but the concept has been updated and refined to a point where mobile cranes can easily lift heavy loads and remain stable during transport, granting the construction industry a viable and versatile alternative to the regular static version. Construction crane suppliers have always ensured that their clients have the ideal options for their specific environments and requirements, and 600SA Holdings offers a comprehensive selection of machinery to get the job done. Today, we will be looking at some construction crane options from Link-Belt, as we are suppliers of their machinery in South Africa.

Link-Belt Construction Cranes

Referring to a construction yard, the chances are good that the surface areas are rough and uneven, making it difficult for normal vehicles to operate at optimal levels. Hence, the construction vehicle is born and in full use in the modern era, with construction cranes being no exception. Suppliers usually have a couple of options available, and we offer a rough-terrain mobile crane from Link-Belt, as well as some telescopic crawler cranes to handle any type of surface area on the construction site. Starting with the rough-terrain model, we find the RTC-8030, featuring a boom with four sections that can expand and retract as the operator sees fit. The maximum lifting capacity of this versatile machine clocks in at 30 mt, with the boom reaching a maximum length of 27,8 m to give the operator a wide area of application.

600SA can also act as suppliers of the telescopic crawler crane series from Link-Belt for your business. As far as construction cranes go, the crawler can deal with almost any terrain, making it viable for construction companies. Starting with the TCC-450, we find a crawler that can lift a maximum of 41 mt, with a 4-section boom that can extend to 32 m. As suppliers of the telescopic crawler crane, we offer four models, scaling to the biggest of them all – the TCC-1100. This machine features a 5-section boom that can extend to 45,7 m and lift a total weight of 100 mt, giving you a solid workhorse for the construction yard.

Should you be looking for construction crane suppliers in South Africa, 600SA Holdings offers a comprehensive selection of machinery that will lift your business to new levels. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for detailed specifications and images, or contact us directly with any enquiries. With us at your side, you can easily reach new heights with our selection of mobile cranes.

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