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Truck-Mounted Cranes for Hire

South Africa has a variety of industries in its industrial sector, specifically in forestry and recycling, that strive to conserve the forests in South Africa and make a valiant effort to recycle as much as possible without letting anything go to waste or pollute the environment. Both these industries have their own approach, with a sizable chunk of the work being done by lifting equipment such as cranes to provide maximum efficiency and a viable means of transport for these specific materials.

Usually, a truck with a suitable loading bed is used to carry logs or recyclable materials to their destination, with some lifting equipment to assist in filling the load bed before the truck can set off. With Penz Crane, 600SA Holdings offers crane hire that will simplify this process and speed up loading and transportation as well. When it comes to truck-mounted crane hire for recycling and forestry purposes, Penz Crane offers exactly what businesses in these industries require, with specific models that can handle a variety of loads, depending on the model you choose to hire. Today, we will focus on how Penz’s range can have a positive effect on your daily work schedule, offering viable crane hire options for your business.

Penz Timber and Recycling Crane Hire

Starting with the options available for recycling, Penz offers the ZR and LR ranges, with the ZR providing models for lighter-duty applications and the LR offering the more powerful choices in terms of crane hire for recycling purposes. The ZR range offers folding recycling crane options for loading trucks, with the smallest model in this range capable of lifting 990 kg and scaling up towards to the biggest option that can handle a maximum lifting capacity of 2360 kg. The LR range offers precision and versatility, with the smallest model capable of handling a load of 1950 kg and scaling up towards the biggest model that can handle 2920 kg.

Penz also offers the L and Z ranges for forestry purposes, with the L range featuring cranes for hire that can handle 950 kg on the smallest model and going up to 2920 kg on the biggest model in the range. The Z range adds a bit more stability and power for increased lifting capability, with the smallest model handling a load of 1040 kg and scaling up towards the biggest model in the range, capable of handling 3520 kg. As a result, if you are looking for viable crane hire options for the recycling and forestry industry, 600SA can provide what you need with our range of Penz Crane models, giving you a comprehensive selection to ensure that you can hire the ideal crane model to suit your preferences.

600SA Holdings offers a wide range of industrial and commercial lifting equipment and industrial cleaning solutions to give you a wide selection of machinery to hire or buy for your business. If you want more information, feel free to peruse our website for images and detailed specifications on every model, or contact us directly with any further enquiries. Choose 600SA Holdings today and let us provide your business with quality lifting equipment to get the job done.

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