Crane Hire Companies in Johannesburg

Johannesburg Crane Hire

Johannesburg is a large city and the heart of various industries in South Africa, with the busiest international airport on the continent to serve as our connection to the rest of world. The industrial sector also benefits from everything being in a central location, with a plethora of industrial and commercial corporations setting up shop in and around the city limits of Johannesburg. With such a high volume of transportation, manufacturing, and warehousing operations taking place in Johannesburg, the demands for various industrial machinery is high.

When it comes to crane hire companies in Johannesburg, 600SA Holdings offers a particularly wide variety to choose from, with various types of lifting equipment to suit every function and application you need them for. Our brands include Penz, Cranab, and Fassi, along with a range of industrial cleaning and waste solutions to ensure that your warehouses and factories have all the tools to keep the work environment safe and clean. Truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes offer versatility and functionality for your trucks, with today’s focus being on the forestry industry, which forms a big part of the industry surrounding the Johannesburg area.

Penz Cranes’ Timber Range

Crane-hire companies in Johannesburg often offer a limited selection of models to choose from, but 600SA Holdings offer ranges for recycling and forestry as well. Forestry is a thriving industry around the world, with various types of wood in high demand to be used for furniture or the creation of musical instruments, such as guitars and pianos. Penz Cranes’ Timber Range feature two distinct classes, starting with the L-class. These knuckle-boom cranes have specialist designs to assist in loading timber onto the back of a transportation truck without needing the help of another vehicle that has lifting equipment to get the job done. The smallest model in the L-class is the 5L, with a maximum lifting capacity of 950 kg and a work radius of 420˚.

Moving on towards the strongest model in the range, we offer the 20Lp, capable of lifting a maximum of 2920 kg within a work radius of 415˚. As a crane hire company in Johannesburg, 600SA likes to keep our clients’ options open, with the Z-class offering yet another approach to forestry knuckle-boom cranes. Starting with the smallest in this range, we have the 4Z, with a maximum lifting capacity of 1040 kg and a work radius of 380˚. The range scales to the 30Z, offering strength over movability, as it can lift a total of 3520 kg and operates within a 300˚ work radius. With such a wide variety of forestry knuckle booms to choose from, 600SA is a viable option when looking for crane hire companies in Johannesburg that can offer you a comprehensive selection of models to suit your preferences.

600SA Holdings offers a wide variety of lifting equipment for hire, with a plethora of truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes to choose from. For more information, please peruse our website for images and detailed specifications to find the ideal model you want to hire or contact us directly with any further enquiries. Choose us as you crane hire company in Johannesburg and enjoy the freedom of choice today.

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