Crane Hire Options in South Africa

Our Crane Hire Options

The industrial sector in South Africa is ever-growing, with a large market for mining and forestry, to name a few. Cranes are commonly used within the industrial sector, as the industry always needs proper lifting equipment to get the job done. Most companies opt for various crane hire options in South Africa to save some time and money in the process of acquiring quality lifting equipment for certain tasks.

This is where 600SA Holdings can offer some crane hire options with a range of choices to ensure that you can hire the ideal crane for the task at hand. Whether you need some heavy-duty mobile cranes for construction purposes that can get to the site on their own power or truck-mounted models that can easily be mounted on a truck bed to add functionality to your transportation, 600SA Holdings has everything that you need to make life easier throughout a workday. Today, we will focus on a range of knuckle boom cranes that can assist in the forestry and recycling businesses, making material transportation as simple as stopping, loading, and dumping.

Penz Crane Hire Options in South Africa

Penz Crane offers a selection of recycling and timber truck-mounted cranes to give you the power to drive your truck to the loading area, use your Penz knuckle boom to load materials, and transport those materials directly to where they need to be without having to worry about another transportation vehicle to complete the process. Starting with the crane hire options for recycling, Penz Crane offers two ranges to choose from, starting with the ZR range.

Penz CraneThe smallest model in this range is the 4ZR, capable of lifting 990 to 1040 kg and working within a broad 380˚ zone. Moving to the biggest models in the ZR series, we look at the 12ZR and 13ZP models. These knuckle boom cranes can lift between 2180 and 2360 kg, granting a working radius of 425˚ to allow for more versatile applications. Penz Cranes’ LR range offers stronger crane hire options for the market in South Africa, with the smallest knuckle boom in this range taking us to the 9LR. This truck-mounted crane can lift a maximum of 1950 kg, with a 420˚ work radius to grant a wide workspace.

Jumping to the strongest model in the range, the 17LR is capable of lifting between 2770 and 2920 kg and featuring a 405˚ work radius to ensure that you have more than enough room to use the pure power of the 17LR. Penz Cranes also offers two ranges of recycling truck-mounted cranes to broaden the crane hire options for the South African market even further. As a result, if you are looking for a viable crane hire option in the recycling or timber market, Penz Crane has an answer for you.

600SA Holdings can deliver a wide range of crane hire options in South Africa. For more information, please peruse our website for images and details or contact us directly with any further enquiries. Choose 600SA Holdings today and let us lift your business to new heights with our wide selection of crane hire options in South Africa.

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