Crane Truck Hire Rates

Hiring a Crane Truck

Construction machinery usually consists of a standardised selection of unique vehicles, including a crane truck or two to ensure that the construction yard has more than enough mobile lifting power. These machines are expensive to buy outright and will be even more expensive to maintain over long periods. Therefore, companies such as 600SA Holdings offer these machines for hire. Should you be looking for fair crane truck hire rates, we can offer what you need for your next big construction project.

We offer a selection of crane trucks to choose from and, depending on your specific needs for your next project, our hire rates will fit nicely into your project budget. The construction market in South Africa is ever-expanding, with new building projects popping up almost anywhere you can imagine. As a result, the industry demands quality vehicles at affordable hire rates. Today, we will be looking at 600SA Holdings’ selection of crane trucks available at fair hire rates, giving you the opportunity to take on your next project with confidence in your hired machinery.

The Telescopic Crane Truck

When it comes to construction vehicles that can handle almost any terrain, Link-Belt Cranes offers an expansive inventory for the industry. Among their ranks, we find the telescopic crane truck that is perfectly at home in the construction sector. These cranes trucks deliver precision and versatility in a single package. It is a vehicle that will serve its purpose on rough and even terrains, granting the operator more freedom and an increase in overall functionality on the construction site.

With pinpoint hydraulic controls and a modular approach to attachments, the operator will have smooth and easy control over this versatile crane truck, making these machines viable options for hire. Should you be interested, be sure to contact us and enquire about our rates. Starting with the smallest available model, we look at the HTC-8640 SL. This crane truck has a maximum lifting capacity of 36,2 mt, featuring a 4-section boom type with a minimum length of 10,8 m, extending to a total length of 33,5 m to ensure that your operating window is as large as possible without having to move the vehicle around all the time.

The HTC-86100 is the 5-section boom model in this range, capable of lifting a total of 85 mt, with a boom length of between 11,6 and 42,7 m. The big brother to these crane trucks is the HTC-3140LB. Featuring a maximum tip height of 94,5 m with a 6-section boom that can extend to a maximum length of 59,5 m. This rugged machine can lift a total of 120 mt with ease and handle almost any lifting task on the construction site without a problem.

600SA Holdings offers a wide variety of crane trucks at fair hire rates for various companies in the industry. For more information about these incredibly versatile machines, feel free to browse our website for images and detailed specifications, or contact us directly with any enquiries, including hire rates for our machines. Choose 600SA Holdings today and enjoy the freedom of crane truck hire at affordable rates for your next big project.

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