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Quality Crane Truck Rental

When looking at the construction sector, we find an array of unique vehicles that are specifically designed to function in their own manner on the construction site. Crane trucks are part of the selection of construction vehicles, granting the operator the lifting power to remove any unwanted building materials, debris, or other rubble from the ground, or lift pallets to the required height when construction goes to upper levels. Contractors usually search for viable rental prices on vehicles such as crane trucks, as they are too expensive for smaller contractors to buy and maintain and can be a big financial drain to keep them in tip-top shape.

As a result, 600SA Holdings offers a selection of crane trucks at fair rental prices for the industrial sector, giving contractors the freedom to hire our machinery without having to worry about service or maintenance expenses. Our machines are kept in pristine condition and will rise to the occasion when the operator starts applying the lifting power on the construction yards. Today, we will be looking at a unique crane truck that can handle almost any solid terrain, whether your construction site is level gravel or uneven soil. 600SA Holdings will always offer fair rental prices on our crane trucks, and today’s selection may be exactly what you need for your next construction project.

The Telescopic Crawler Crane Truck

The telescopic crawler from Link-Belt Cranes can be classified as a versatile crane truck that runs on crawler tracks instead of wheels. As a result, the operator has the freedom to glide over loose and uneven terrain without having to worry about getting themselves stuck, making these models viable for rental at fair prices through 600SA. Having a telescopic crawler crane truck on your construction site will cut down on operating times by allowing the operator flexibility regarding movement, It is a piece of lifting equipment with all the functionality you need to get the job done.

Starting with the TCC-450, we find a crawler that can handle 41 mt of maximum lifting capacity, featuring a 4-section boom with a minimum length of 10,06 m and a maximum extended length of 32 m. The overall operating weight of this crane truck is 44,2 t, which is right in the ballpark for heavy-duty construction vehicles. Jumping to the biggest model of crawler crane truck in this series, we look at the TCC-1100, capable of lifting a total of 100 mt and featuring a 5-section boom that has a minimum length of 12,2 m and can extend to a maximum of 45,7 m. The overall operating weight of this crane truck is 100,5 t, almost qualifying this crawler as a machine capable of delivering a very strong and flat foundation to start building on.

Should you be interested in the rental price of these incredible crawler crane trucks, please contact 600SA Holdings directly for more information. If you want to find out more about them, our website has images and detailed specifications about the available crane truck models and other lifting equipment we have for sale and rent. Choose 600SA Holdings for all your lifting equipment needs and enjoy a wide variety at fair rental prices.

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