Fassi Crane Hire

600SA Holdings offers a comprehensive range of Fassi cranes for hire and for sale, giving your business a viable crane hire solution in Gauteng. These machines have knuckle-boom designs to ensure that they are compact, durable, and versatile, no matter in which work environment you wish to use these versatile truck-mounted cranes. Knuckle-boom cranes offer simple installation and transportation thanks to their ability to fold, as well as not having to compromise the mounted vehicle’s loading capacity or balance during operation. Our selection Fassi cranes covers a wide range of applications, with light-, medium-, and heavy-duty models available to give our clients the ideal option for their specific requirements.

As a result, our comprehensive selection makes your choice easy when it comes to crane hire in Gauteng. We will focus on Fassi’s three ranges to give you the necessary information of what to expect when you choose us for Fassi crane hire. We also offer timer and recycling truck-mounted crane models from Penz Crane, adding to the available Fassi cranes and giving you some extra and specialised models to choose from.

Fassi’s Crane Hire Options

Fassi crane hire is made simple and easy with 600SA Holdings, starting with our selection of light-duty truck-mounted cranes that are ideal for small commercial and industrial settings. The F28A kicks off the light-duty range, capable of lifting 2,5 tm and having a maximum outreach of 6,9 m. Should you be looking for more, the F80A is a light-duty model that is capable of lifting 8,3 tm and reaching out to 12,3 m for a good operating area and a solid lift. The medium-duty range starts with the F135A, offering a bump in power and range, with a maximum lifting capacity of 13 tm and a maximum outreach of 16,75 m. Moving along the list of medium-duty models, we find the F245A that can lift 23,4 tm and reach out to a maximum of 23,2 m to grant a more-than-capable and versatile knuckle boom to handle a wide range of uses.

Should the F245A still not be enough, our Fassi crane hire options also include the heavy-duty models, kicking off with the F385A. This knuckle-boom crane can lift 37,55 tm, featuring a maximum outreach of 28,65 m for a large operating area. Moving along the list, we also find the F800RA, delivering the power to lift 72,17 tm and the ability to reach out to 30,45 m. This range scales up to the F1950RA, a big model in terms of lifting power and outreach. It can lift 127 tm and has a maximum outreach of 41,3 m for the ultimate model in our heavy-duty knuckle-boom cranes. With such a wide range of Fassi crane hire options available, you can easily get the machinery you need to take care of business.

600SA Holdings offers a wide range of machinery for hire, including our range of Penz and Fassi crane hire options that can make life easy in your work environment. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for detailed specifications on these knuckle-boom cranes, or contact us directly with any enquiries.