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Versatile Lifting Cranes

South Africa boasts a large and thriving industrial and commercial sector, with various industries looking for suitable services and resources to do business in South Africa. Within both these sectors, certain work fleets of machinery will be required to ensure that everything goes according to plan regarding storage and transportation. This is where 600SA Holdings can offer viable solutions for lifting cranes in the form of our range of Fassi truck-mounted cranes.

We also offer industrial cleaning solutions as well as truck-mounted cranes designed specifically for recycling and forestry. Truck-mounted lifting cranes might sound like an outlandish idea, since various lifting equipment such as forklifts and rough-terrain mobile cranes can do the job of lifting materials onto the load bed or into the loading bay of transportation trucks, but with the use of a truck-mounted crane, you will never need a helping hand to load, unload, and transport various material to their specified destinations again. With our range of multifunctional Fassi lifting cranes, the sky is the limit, giving you a tool to simplify pickup and transportation within your specific business. Today, we will have a closer look at how a Fassi lifting crane can help your business to run more efficiently.

Fassi Lifting Cranes Save the Day

Whether you need a lifting crane that can lift and move small objects within a controlled environment such as a construction yard, or a beast that can lift and load various types of vehicle onto the bed of a transportation truck, 600SA’s range of Fassi truck-mounted cranes can get the job done. Starting with the light-duty range, Fassi delivers nimble and small lifting cranes to make life easier for various applications in the industry. This range starts at the F28A model, capable of lifting 2,5 tm and having a maximum outreach of 6,9 m for a viable operating zone.

Scaling to the biggest model in this range, we find the F110A, featuring a maximum lifting capacity of 11,2 tm and having a maximum outreach of 16,5 m, granting the operator a wide operating zone and enough lifting power for any job. Should you be looking for more muscle, the medium-duty range offers bigger and stronger models, with the F195A being a prime example. The F195A has a maximum outreach of 22,7 m and can handle a maximum load of 17,5 tm to grant a powerful lifting crane for medium-duty applications.

The biggest model in the medium-duty range leads us to the F335A, featuring a maximum lifting capacity of 31,7 tm and a maximum outreach of 26,7 m for a versatile lifter that can reach where you need it to reach. The heavy-duty range features the strongest and biggest lifting cranes from Fassi, giving you the strength to conquer any lifting task and having the means to load and transport heavy equipment, such as cars and boats, with your transportation truck and taking care of business on its own, not having to wait an eternity for someone to load the vehicle on the bed.

600SA Holdings offers a wide variety of industrial lifting and cleaning solutions for our clients. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for detailed specifications and images before you make a definite decision, or contact us directly with any enquiries.

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