Mobile Cranes for Sale

Mobility and Versatility

Cranes are usually static wonders, capable of amazing lifting power, and effective in various sectors of industry around the world, with construction and container handling as some of the popular areas of application. As with any other sector, the industrial sector has evolved over the years, bringing more technology into the equation to make the machines in a work fleet more powerful and versatile by providing more functionality and increased overall safety.

As a result, mobility has been added to cranes to fulfil various industry needs and give birth to useful mobile cranes that can be used almost anywhere for their lifting capability. The knuckle boom design offers a stunning mobile crane for sale in today’s market, giving regular trucks a useful arm that can be implemented as a crane to lift and move various materials with ease. A stunning example of these machines comes from Penz Crane, offering recycling and forestry models that can be applied directly to the respective industries to be more efficient and save valuable time in the process. These mobile cranes are for sale at 600SA Holdings, your comprehensive supplier of lifting equipment in South Africa.

Penz Recycling Ranges

With the world going green, recycling has been a main contributor to the cause, with businesses throwing their weight behind it and trying to make a difference in the world. Penz Crane offers two ranges of mobile cranes for sale, specifically aimed at recycling applications. Starting with the ZR recycling range, we offer a range of models that starts at a lifting capacity of 990 kg, which is strong enough to lift a small city car on its own, and scaling to a stunning 2360 kg.

Since these models feature knuckle boom crane designs, they can be operated within a certain radius, starting with 380˚ and scaling to 420˚. The LR Series from Penz offers precision and versatility, with increased lifting power to prove their worth. This range starts at a maximum lifting capacity of 1950 kg with the 9LR model, scaling to 2920 kg with the 17LR model. Most of the mobile cranes for sale in this range can be operated within a 420˚ radius, granting the driver a wide area to work with once the truck comes to a halt.

The Importance of Recycling

In South Africa, the commitment to recycling is lacking when compared to many other countries in Europe and the Middle East. Although the current local efforts are effective to an extent, recycling can be improved to reach a more beneficial level for everyone living in South Africa. Therefore, mobile cranes such as the Penz recycling range are viable options for companies within the industrial sector, giving them a tool to ensure that any industrial waste can be removed, and any recyclable waste can be recycled.

Should you want more information about these incredible mobile cranes we offer for sale, feel free to peruse our website for detailed information and specifications on the available models, or contact us directly with any further enquiries. Let 600SA Holdings take your business to new levels with our comprehensive selection of lifting equipment and let us make a difference in your specific industry by adding a versatile mobile crane to your work fleet.

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