Road Sweepers South Africa

Road Sweepers for South Africa

Road sweepers are an uncommon sight in South Africa, with only a few regions using these machines to keep the streets clean. They are usually used to ensure that snow, sleet, or any anything else that might be detrimental to the safety of cars driving over the surface are removed quickly and efficiently before it can cause accidents. They can also be used to remove debris from the road after an accident left glass and plastic scattered all over the place, potentially puncturing the tyres of those driving over it.

In South Africa, road sweepers mainly focus on keeping the surfaces of busy roads clean and safe for driving, as we do not really ever get any snowfall in winter, but we do have many vehicle accidents that require the clearing of debris from the road surface. Should you be looking to acquire such a vehicle, 600SA Holdings offers a couple of choices in terms of road sweepers and cleaners from Bucher Schörling. Today, we will have a closer look at these machines and their specifications, giving you a good indication of what they are capable of and how they can benefit your work environment.


Bucher Schörling Road Sweepers and Cleaners

600SA Holdings offers two ranges from Bucher Schörling, starting with the truck-mounted, compact municipal and industrial road sweepers for daily use. This range comprises four models to choose from, starting with the CITYCAT 5006. This machine can hold 880 ℓ of water in its tank, giving more than enough mileage to tackle large stretches of road before running out of water and having to refill the large tank. The range also features the CITYFANT 5000 and CITYFANT 6000, both with 1900-ℓ water tanks, and the OPTIFANT 8000 model, with a large 2150 ℓ water tank; they all have high-pressure washing systems.

With high-pressure cleaning on your side, these road sweepers will ensure that the road surface is free of any debris, making it safe for vehicles to drive on. Should you be looking for a smaller solution in terms of road sweepers in South Africa, Bucher Schörling offers a vacuum pick-up system in their smaller City Cat range, consisting of two models to choose from. The CITYCAT 1000 features hydraulic brush-pressure adjustment and is ideal for cleaning confined spaces. The CITYCAT 2020 features unique articulated steering and brush system that make manoeuvring easy while sweeping. Road sweepers in South Africa might not be a common sight yet, but they can be very useful for use on private roads and traffic areas to ensure that the road surface is clean and safe to drive on.

We offer a comprehensive selection of road sweepers to choose from in South Africa, along with other industrial equipment to take your company to new heights. For more information about our equipment and machinery, feel free to peruse our website for images and detailed specifications, or contact us directly with any enquiries. Choose 600SA Holdings today and take advantage of our large selection of industrial equipment for your business.