Truck-Mounted Crane

Effective and Versatile Truck-Mounted Cranes

When it comes to bringing versatility to your fleet of work machinery, truck-mounted cranes offer viable solutions for not only cutting down on pick-up and delivery times, but also granting your transportation truck the ability to easily load and unload without the need for additional lifting equipment. With the wide variety of uses of a truck-mounted crane, the benefits will ensure that you can streamline your business in terms of material transportation.

These crane types are available in various sizes and aimed at specific applications, with 600SA Holdings offering a variety to choose from. Our comprehensive range of Fassi truck-mounted cranes will give you the appropriate lifting equipment to fit within your specific work environment, with light-, medium-, and heavy-duty machinery available. Fassi cranes can be used in almost any industrial and commercial setting thanks to their versatility and excellent lifting capability, but our focus will be on the range of Penz truck-mounted cranes today, specifically designed for the recycling and forestry industries.

Penz Truck-Mounted Cranes

Penz cranes are ideally designed for mounting on trucks that have loading areas designed for recycling or forestry purposes, giving a viable method of loading a transportation truck without needing a helping hand from another vehicle. With this concept, loading and unloading these vehicles will be much easier and faster, saving you valuable time and money in the process. Starting with Penz’ Recycling cranes, we feature the ZR range, offering reliability and performance for optimal operation and functionality in the regular daily routine. With a knuckle-boom crane design that easily sits on your vehicle as a truck-mounted crane, the ZR range of cranes will add loading functionality to your transportation vehicle without compromising on its carry capacity or balance. The models in this range are capable of lifting between 990 and 2360 kg, scaling from the 4ZR to the 13Zp, with operating radiuses of between 380˚ and 425˚, depending on the model.

For a heavy-duty approach to recycling, Penz’s LR range offers increased lifting capacity and operating radiuses, granting even more functionality to allow for more effective loading and unloading of transportation vehicles. The LR range of truck-mounted cranes kicks off with the 9LR, capable of lifting 1950 kg and operating within a 420˚ radius. The range scales all the way up to the 25LR, featuring a maximum lifting capacity of 2810 kg and operating within a 415˚ radius. Penz also offers two truck-mounted crane ranges for forestry applications, with both the L and Z ranges being ideal solutions for transporting forestry materials with ease. With flexibility and versatile handling due to the knuckle-boom design of these cranes, it is easy to understand how they offer several benefits as truck-mounted cranes for your transportation vehicles, cutting down on costs and saving valuable time.

600SA Holdings offers a variety of truck-mounted cranes to suit your work environment’s needs. For more information on these machines, feel free to peruse our website for detailed specifications and documentation, or contact us directly with any enquiries. Choose 600SA Holdings as your supplier of truck-mounted cranes today and let us lift your business to new heights with quality lifting equipment.