Truck-Mounted Cranes for Hire

Effective Truck-Mounted Crane Hire

Truck-mounted cranes might seem like a strange concept, but when you are informed about their versatile nature and how they can be employed in sectors such as recycling and forestry, they become viable crane hire options in South Africa. Fitting one of Penz’s truck-mounted cranes on the back of a truck that is already equipped with a transporting bed for timber or recycling purposes will not only save your operator valuable time when collecting timber or recyclable materials from specific areas, but also be very effective in loading these materials onto the back of the carry trucks with minimal effort.

As a result, you can easily hire and mount a knuckle boom crane on the back of your transport trucks to load them and transfer materials to ensure that the project gets done in a timely fashion, as opposed to transferring loads between vehicles in the transportation process. Today, we will focus on the timber range from Penz Cranes, delivering viable and versatile truck-mounted cranes for hire in South Africa through 600SA Holdings.

The Timber Range from Penz Cranes

Starting with the L-class, we find a range of knuckle boom truck-mounted cranes for hire through 600SA Holdings that delivers specialist cranes designed specifically for forestry and timber applications. These knuckle booms have an outreach of up to 25 m, depending on the size of the crane you wish to hire. Starting with the smallest model in this range, we look at the 5L, offering a 420˚ operating radius and able to lift a maximum weight of 950 kg. The biggest available truck-mounted crane for hire in this series is the 25L. This knuckle boom can handle a maximum lifting capacity of 2620 kg and operates within a 415˚ radius for a wide outreach and big work space while stagnant.

Moving to the Z-class, we find models that can lift more weight through sacrificing overall outreach. This is a more specialised class of truck-mounted cranes for hire from 600SA Holdings, delivering more lifting power to the operator, but requiring more movement to enlarge the operating window during the loading process. Starting with the smallest available model in the series, we look at the 4Z. This crane can handle a maximum load of 1040 kg while operating within a 380˚ radius, serving as a prime example of strength in preference to manoeuvrability.

Scaling to the biggest model, the 30Z, we have a crane that is capable of lifting 3520 kg at an operating radius of 300˚, delivering excellent lifting power that can be very useful for loading lumber onto the back of a truck. A clear distinction between lifting strength as opposed to movability comes to light in the differences between the L- and Z-class, giving you a comprehensive selection in terms of truck-mounted cranes for hire at 600SA Holdings.

We also offer a variety of other lifting equipment for hire, depending on your needs for specific projects. For more information about our available machinery, feel free to peruse our website for detailed specifications and images, and contact us directly for any pricing or other related enquiries. Choose 600SA Holdings today for all your lifting equipment needs.

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