Waste Compactor for Hire

Hiring Waste Compactors

Waste compactors are a familiar sight in South Africa, with local municipalities using these vehicles weekly to collect waste from residential areas and transport it to a designated dumping zone or landfill, keeping the city areas clean and giving residents a way to effectively go about getting rid of their waste on a weekly basis. With its functional design, a waste compactor is ideal for compacting and transporting waste, with enough room for ride-along employees to grab onto the back of the truck and be ready for when the compactor comes to a halt to take care of grabbing and emptying the bins and easily hopping back onto the truck once the process is completed.

Should you be looking for a company that offers a waste compactor for hire, 600SA Holdings has a selection of trucks that might be ideal for your needs. We offer models from Usimeca and Orakci that will not only handle all manner of harsh South African work conditions, but also provide viable waste compactors for use in residential areas. Today, we will focus on our selection of waste compactors for hire, showcasing their capabilities and specifications to ensure that you make an informed decision when hiring a waste compactor from us.


Our Selection of Orakci Waste Compactors

Orakci waste compactors are built tough to handle the harsh work environment of waste disposal and transportation. South Africans are accustomed to the local municipal waste compactors making their rounds weekly to collect and empty our municipal rubbish bins, giving neighbourhoods a way of disposing of waste. All other countries do the same thing, making waste compactors ubiquitous around the world as an efficient way to deal with waste disposal. Orakci offers the ORV series, consisting of two waste-compactor models to choose from.

Whether you want to hire or buy these models, they are geared to take up the challenge of waste disposal, starting with the smaller model in the series – the ORV-313. With an overall body volume of 13 m³ and a hopper volume of 1,5 m³, this waste compactor has enough room to tackle residential areas with ease, without taking up too much space while doing so. The bigger brother in the series is the ORV-415, increasing the overall body volume to 15 m³ for more space to handle larger loads of waste in a single rotation. Waste disposal is a large part of any municipality’s services to their residential areas, ensuring that the locals can go about getting rid of their weekly waste in an effective manner that has been working well for decades on end. These waste-compactor trucks from Orakci make for ideal hire options, saving money in the process and having quality machinery to take care of business.

600SA Holdings offers a wide variety of industrial and commercial machinery and equipment, including waste compactors for hire. We also offer a wide range of lifting equipment for specific application within certain industries like recycling and forestry, to only two. For more information on our waste compactors for hire, feel free to contact us directly with any enquiries and let us deliver the quality machinery you need.