Waste Compactor Hire

Taking Care of Waste

Living in the city, waste-compactor trucks that come by once a week and collect the municipal waste disposal bins’ contents from the streets are a common sight. They allow the residential areas to stay clean thanks to an efficient weekly waste-disposal service. These waste-compactor trucks are specifically built to deal with various forms of residential, commercial and, in some cases, even industrial waste, granting viable options for municipal, commercial, and industrial applications and making them versatile workhorses that can provide a crucial service to communities and businesses alike.

When it comes to waste-compactor hire, 600SA Holdings offers a selection of waste-compactor trucks that are durable, strong, and offer all the functions you need to take care of various waste disposal tasks and projects. These trucks do not only offer practical methods of loading waste into the back of the truck, but also the strength to carry the loads and deliver them to specified locations for safe waste disposal. Today, we will have a closer look at some of the waste-compactor truck-hire options from 600SA, giving you the basic details of what we can offer you.

Waste Compactor Hire

Waste disposal is a very important matter, because it ensures that a residential area stays clean, a running river stays uncontaminated, or similarly affect the environment around us. Our selection of waste compactor trucks begins with Orakci’s ORV Series. This series offers two trucks and can be just what you need for waste compactor hire in your area of business. The first model offers a body size of 13 m³, combined with a hopper capacity of 1,5 m3 and a total inside body length of 3,4 m for a viable waste compactor hire option to take care of residential waste disposal. The second model offers an increase in body volume, pushing the number to 15 m³ and offering an extra 0,5 m3 in hopper volume for a maximum inside body length of 3,27 m.

OrakciOrakci builds the ORV series to be durable enough to handle Africa’s rough conditions, harsh climate, and waste disposal demands, making these trucks ideal hire options for any industry on the continent. 600SA Holdings also offers arrange of Usimeca waste-compactor trucks for hire, including the Delta and Brutus series, for a total of four Usimeca models to choose from. These models include body volumes of 19 and 21 m³, offering bigger options than the Orakci models, with overall body lengths increasing to 6,35 m for the 19-m³ versions and 6,73 m for the 21-m³ versions. Usimeca’s Delta range is specifically designed to handle solid waste, making them ideal for various industrial waste-disposal applications, with the Brutus series offering more versatile applications for a viable waste compactor hire option for residential areas.

600SA Holdings offers a wide range of industrial lifting and cleaning solutions, with our waste-compactor truck selection giving you the comprehensive choice to not only hire the ideal size or truck, but also your preferred brand. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for detailed specifications and images of these machines, or contact us directly with any enquiries. Choose 600SA today and take advantage of our selection of industrial solutions for your business.

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