600SA Holdings (Pty) Ltd, a household name in South Africa since 1968, whose business activities include the importation, manufacture and distribution of vehicle utilization equipment (lifting and loading), forestry and waste equipment, aerial platforms, workshops and parts.

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Crane Hire Options in South Africa

Our Crane Hire Options The industrial sector in South Africa is ever-growing, with a large market for mining and forestry, to name a few. Cranes are commonly used within the industrial sector, as the industry always needs proper lifting equipment to get the job done….

Fassi Cranes South Africa

What’s All the Fuss About Fassi? Truck-mounted knuckle boom cranes offer flexible and versatile applications for the South African industrial and commercial sectors. When it comes to choosing the ideal knuckle boom for certain applications, Fassi offers a comprehensive range of choices, available from 600SA…

Fassi Loader Cranes

The Fassi Difference If you are looking for an easy way to load and transport materials while using your own trucks and their unique loading beds, 600SA Holdings can provide the solution you need. Fassi loader cranes offer a wide selection of truck-mounted knuckle boom…

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