600SA Holdings (Pty) Ltd, a household name in South Africa since 1968, whose business activities include the importation, manufacture and distribution of vehicle utilization equipment (lifting and loading), forestry and waste equipment, aerial platforms, workshops and parts.

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Crane Truck Rental Price

Quality Crane Truck Rental When looking at the construction sector, we find an array of unique vehicles that are specifically designed to function in their own manner on the construction site. Crane trucks are part of the selection of construction vehicles, granting the operator the…

Truck-Mounted Cranes for Hire

Effective Truck-Mounted Crane Hire Truck-mounted cranes might seem like a strange concept, but when you are informed about their versatile nature and how they can be employed in sectors such as recycling and forestry, they become viable crane hire options in South Africa. Fitting one…

Truck-Mounted Cranes for Sale in South Africa

The Effective Nature of Truck-Mounted Cranes When it comes to the production of truck-mounted cranes, Fassi delivers a wide selection of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicles that will not only grant the operator a versatile workhorse, but also allow for easy movement between work environments,…

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