Crane Hire Gauteng

Gauteng might be the smallest province in South Africa, but it plays host to the administrative capital of the country and is the province with the biggest population. Gauteng has thriving industries, with industrial and commercial giants making this province their base of operations from which they spread their wings across the country. With a booming industrial sector comes various demands that need to be met, including work fleet vehicles and equipment to handle specific tasks. Not every company is in the position to buy these vehicles and equipment outright, resorting to hiring equipment as needed.

This is where 600SA Holdings can offer viable crane hire options in Gauteng. We feature an array of lifting equipment and mobile cranes, some of which can be mounted on your existing fleet of trucks and similar heavy machinery. Our selection of truck-mounted cranes for hire will offer the versatility you need to get the job done in time, offering more than meets the eye with our range of knuckle-boom models from Penz, as well as light-, medium-, and heavy-duty models from Fassi. Today, we will have a closer look at Penz’s recycling range and how their lifting equipment can ensure that your recycling trucks can load and unload without the help of another vehicle.

The Recycling Range

Truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes feature a specific design that can be compared to the anatomy of human index finger, with flexibility to retract and extend, operating within specific turning radiuses and outreach parameters to determine the operating range of these cranes. 600SA Holdings offers crane hire in Gauteng that covers a wide range of uses, with recycling included in that list. Starting with Penz Cranes’ Recycling range, we offer ZR and LR models, with the ZR-class featuring excellent reliability and performance. The models in the ZR-class start with the 4ZR – featuring a maximum lifting capacity of 1040 kg and operating within a 380˚ radius.

Scaling to the biggest models in this class, we look at the 12ZR and 13Zp, with maximum lifting capacities between 2180 and 2360 kg and an operating radius of 425˚, giving you a versatile solution for recycling crane hire in Gauteng. Moving on to the LR-class, where precision plays a bigger role, we find the 9LR, capable of lifting a total of 1950 kg and operating within a 420˚ radius. Moving on to the biggest model, we feature the 25LR, which has a maximum lifting capacity of 2810 kg and an operating radius of 415˚. With such a variety of truck-mounted recycling cranes available for hire from us, you will always have a viable option to turn to in Gauteng when you need it most, as recycling is an important industry in the province.

600SA Holdings plays host to a wide variety of cranes for hire in Gauteng, with more than enough options for you to find the ideal model for your specific task. For more information about these cranes, including images and specifications, feel free to peruse our website at your leisure, or contact us directly with any enquiries. Choose 600SA Holdings today and have access to some of the most versatile and practical truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes for hire in Gauteng.

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