Crane Hire Options in Gauteng

Having All the Options at Your Fingertips

From an industrial point of view, it is often preferable to hire specialist machinery as opposed to buying, which means you have to find the ideal supplier with enough crane hire options in your area to ensure that you can hire suitable machines for the task at hand. Should you be looking for crane hire options in Gauteng, 600SA Holdings is where you will find a wide selection of truck-mounted cranes to choose from, with Fassi and Penz delivering crane models that are ideal for industrial and commercial implementations.

Hiring these machines during busy periods will always be the better option for businesses in need of their functionality for certain tasks that will not be constantly occurring, offering an affordable solution that avoids the need to buy the machinery and take responsibility for maintenance and repairs. Instead, choose us and have all the crane hire options you need in Gauteng to take full advantage of for your business, whether it is for industrial or commercial applications. Today, we will have a closer look at our range of Fassi cranes, granting access to versatile truck-mounted cranes that can be used in many industrial and commercial applications.

Fassi’s Selection of Cranes

Fassi offers a selection of knuckle-boom truck-mounted cranes that make for viable crane hire options in Gauteng for industries in the area. Knuckle-boom cranes have a compact design concept for easy mounting and transportation, without having to compromise on your vehicle’s load capacity or affecting its balance when mounted. Starting with Fassi’s light-duty range, we look at the smallest knuckle boom in the series, ideal for small-scale implementation within a commercial or industrial setting. The F28A has a maximum lifting capacity of 2,5 tm, with a maximum outreach of 6,9 m to grant a large operating radius when stationary. The light-duty range scales up to the F110A, capable of lifting 11,2 tm and having a maximum outreach of 16,5 m.

Should you be looking for a beefier crane hire option in Gauteng, the medium-duty range features a selection of cranes that scales up to the F335A, capable of lifting 31,7 tm and having a maximum outreach of 26,7 m for a large operating area when stationary. Fassi also features a heavy-duty range to further increase your crane hire options in Gauteng, giving you some of the strongest knuckle-boom truck-mounted cranes available. The heavy-duty range offers 11 models to choose from, scaling to the biggest model, the F1950RA. This knuckle boom achieves a maximum lifting capacity of 127 tm, with a maximum outreach of 41,3 m to deliver one of the most incredible pieces of mobile lifting equipment for hire. As a result, 600SA Holdings offers viable crane hire options in Gauteng with a wide selection of Fassi knuckle-boom cranes to suit your preferences, whether you only need a little power or a powerful machine to get the job done.

We offer crane hire options in Gauteng for businesses in the industrial and commercial sectors, with our comprehensive range of Fassi and Penz cranes to choose from. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for detailed specifications on these cranes, or contact us directly with any enquiries.