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A Crane Supplier for Your Lifting Needs

South Africa, and especially areas such as Durban and Johannesburg, offers many opportunity and within the industrial sector. Many companies have already established themselves in the industry, with many more new and existing companies finding a viable base of operations in this country for their industrial endeavours. As a result, these companies make use of large work fleets of industrial machines, which almost always include a selection of cranes and other lifting equipment.

If you are looking for a crane supplier for your business, 600SA Holdings offers a comprehensive selection of truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes for sale and hire, giving you the options you need to ensure that you have the right tools for the job. Our range includes brands such as Fassi, Cranab, and Penz, with cranes specifically designed for the recycling and forestry industries, as well as versatile knuckle booms that can be used in almost any environment. Our selection of Fassi truck-mounted cranes is available in light-, medium-, and heavy-duty models, giving you a spectrum of lifting equipment to choose from. Today, we will have a closer look at Fassi’s medium-duty range and how your business can use these knuckle booms to save time and money.

Fassi’s Medium-Duty Cranes

Local crane suppliers should offer a wide selection of cranes for different applications. Fassi’s medium-duty range is ideal for mounting on a transportation truck featuring a flat bed for light and small vehicles or a container for specific materials. As a result, no other lifting equipment is needed for loading and unloading your transportation truck, cutting on the overall loading times and costs and saving valuable resources for your business. Fassi’s range of medium-duty truck-mounted knuckle boom cranes kicks off with the F135A, able to lift a maximum of 13 tm and achieving a maximum outreach of 16,75 m to grant a respectable level of versatility and a big operating radius.

Moving up to the F195A, we have a knuckle boom that can handle a maximum lifting capacity of 17,5 tm, with a maximum outreach of 22,7 m for a long reach and a wide operating area. Should you want to go bigger still, the F245A can handle a maximum load of 23,4 tm and features a maximum outreach of 23,2 m, while the biggest model in this range, the F335A, has a maximum lifting capacity of 31,7 tm and a stunning maximum outreach of 26,7 m, giving you the strength to lift big loads and reach almost anywhere you need to with a single crane. As a specialist crane supplier, our range of Fassi models does not stop there, as we offer a series of heavy-duty models as well, resulting in a comprehensive spectrum of Fassi truck-mounted knuckle booms to choose from.

600SA Holdings is the crane supplier in South Africa you want to choose, thanks to our wide range of industrial lifting equipment available for sale or hire. For more information on these knuckle-boom cranes, feel free to peruse our website for images and detailed specifications, or contact us directly with enquiries. Make us your crane supplier today and enjoy the benefits of having the power of choice at your fingertips.

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