Distribution of Truck-Mounted Cranes

Distributing Cranes

When it comes to the distribution of truck-mounted cranes in South Africa, 600SA Holdings does not only offer options to buy or hire, but also a comprehensive selection for the industrial sector in South Africa, with a handful of commercial applications in the cards as well. A challenge faced by many trucks that carry around specified loads is the basic process of loading and unloading, especially when the loads are unique and not standardised.

In many cases, people employ the use of forklifts and other lifting equipment to load various materials on the bed of the truck, adding an additional crane to the process to to the lifting. With 600SA Holdings’ wide range of truck-mounted cranes from Penz Crane and Fassi, you can eliminate the need for an extra vehicle to do the lifting and simply mount one of these cranes to the bed of your truck, giving you the versatility to not only transport specific materials, but also load and unload them with precision and efficiency. Today, we will briefly glance over the models that 600SA can offer your business, giving you a comprehensive selection in terms of the distribution and use of truck-mounted cranes in South Africa.

Our Selection of Truck-Mounted Cranes

When it comes to the distribution of quality lifting equipment such as truck-mounted cranes, 600SA Holdings is where your business can find exactly what they need to reach new heights. Should you be in the forestry or recycling business and on the lookout for a viable option for loading and transportation, our range of Penz Crane recycling and forestry models offers capable truck-mounted crane models that will turn your transport truck into a versatile machine that can load, unload, and transport materials from the worksite to the specified destinations with the use of other vehicles’ lifting capabilities.

With four ranges developed for specific applications, Penz Crane has what you need to get the job done in good time. Should you be looking for light-, medium-, or heavy-duty universal lifting power on the back of your truck, our range of Fassi cranes can assist you. Ranging from an easy-to-transport, light-duty model with a maximum lifting capacity of up to 2,5 tm to a monstrous heavy-duty model that can lift up to 127 tm, you will have more than enough choices for your applications.

These truck-mounted cranes from Fassi are designed to give you the freedom of lifting, loading, and unloading almost any type of material on the back of your transport truck, even including heavy vehicles, giving you the tools you need to change your regular transportation trucks into versatile loading machines. Fassi truck-mounted cranes are easy to operate and can be ideal for industrial and commercial applications. With such a wide spectrum of lifting ability available to our clients, it is easy to see why 600SA Holdings shines through as quality distributors of truck-mounted cranes in South Africa.

600SA Holdings has a wide variety of industrial solutions available, including lifting equipment and cleaning solutions for industrial and municipal applications. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for images and detailed specifications surroundings these models, or contact us directly with any enquiries. Choose 600SA Holdings today and take full advantage of our distribution of truck-mounted cranes for your business.

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