Fassi Cranes for Sale in South Africa

Fassi Lifting Power

Fassi is a very successful brand in the mobile crane market, delivering a range of machines ideal for various applications within the industrial and commercial sectors in South Africa. Whether you need a mobile crane to clear debris from a construction site or lift a heavy vehicle onto the bed of a truck, Fassi has the answer.

Should you be looking for these cranes for sale in South Africa, 600SA Holdings can be of assistance, as we offer a comprehensive range of their mobile cranes to not only assist your work fleet with effective lifting power, but also provide mobility for maximised versatility. Everybody knows that, when you have the ideal set of tools at your disposal, certain tasks that seemed daunting become trivial. Fassi mobile cranes will certainly ease the load by providing the necessary lifting power to overcome almost any obstacle by simply lifting it and moving it out of the way of progress. Let us have a closer look at their available models for sale in South Africa with 600SA Holdings.

Dutiful Mobile Lifting

Fassi mobile cranes are available in three different sizes, consisting of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty machinery. Starting with the light-duty versions, we find seven models that can be implemented in any form of light-duty lifting application, with the F28A being the smallest available Fassi crane we have for sale in South Africa. The F28A has a maximum lifting capacity of 2,5 tm, with its knuckle boom design being able to reach out to 6,9 m in total.

This range scales up to the F110A, with a maximum lifting capacity coming in strong at 11,2 tm, combined with a maximum outreach of 16,5 m to deliver a versatile and able mobile crane. Moving to the medium-duty Fassi cranes we offer for sale in South Africa, we start with the F135A – capable of lifting 13 tm and achieving a maximum outreach of 16,75 m with its knuckle boom. The medium-duty Fassi cranes are perfect for all-round application, as they have more than enough power and reach to take care of light-duty tasks, as well as enough power to work alongside the big boys.

The medium-duty range scales to the F335A that can lift up to 31,7 tm and has a maximum outreach of 26,7 m, delivering almost anything you could reasonably require in a mobile crane. For those who need intense lifting power, the heavy-duty range from Fassi provides exactly what you need, starting with the F385A. This machine can lift 37,5 tm, with a maximum outreach of 28,65 m, giving you a large area of operation. Scaling to the biggest of all the Fassi cranes we have for sale in South Africa, we find the monstrous F1950RA. This amazing machine can lift 127 tm, with a maximum outreach of 41,3 m to ensure that you can cover a wide space of operations along with its lifting capability to deliver the ultimate Fassi mobile crane.

For more information about these machines, please peruse our website for details and specifications, or contact us directly with any enquiries. Let 600SA Holdings lift your business to new levels with our comprehensive range of lifting power at your disposal, with various brands and designs to choose from.

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