Fassi Cranes South Africa

What’s All the Fuss About Fassi?

Truck-mounted knuckle boom cranes offer flexible and versatile applications for the South African industrial and commercial sectors. When it comes to choosing the ideal knuckle boom for certain applications, Fassi offers a comprehensive range of choices, available from 600SA Holdings. Knuckle boom cranes get their name from their unique design. They have movable joints to allow the crane to expand and retract without hassle, granting a similar functionality to one’s finger, where the limbs are jointed to allow for smooth expansion and retraction.

As a result, the crane is dubbed a knuckle boom, with Fassi Cranes being at the top of the pile in terms of range and ability. For the South African industrial sector, Fassi can deliver exactly what you need to get the job done in your work environment, with more than enough options to ensure that you can make the right decision and save time in the process. Today, we will focus on the light-duty knuckle boom range from Fassi, granting enough power for smaller applications in construction, forestry, and recycling.

Light-Duty Fassi Cranes in South Africa

With particular attention given to the overall design of these knuckle booms, you can be assured that the light-duty range from Fassi will not disappoint. Starting with the smallest model in the range, we turn our attention to the F28A. This small knuckle boom might not look like much, but is capable of lifting 2,5 tm with ease, granting a maximum outreach of up to 6,9 m to ensure that your workspace is big enough to handle small lifting tasks with ease.

The F50A is a Fassi crane that can handle a total lifting capacity of 4,7 tm, with a maximum outreach of up to 9,25 m for a bigger work environment while stationary on the back of a truck bed. Should the figures for this truck-mounted knuckle boom crane in South Africa still come up wanting, the F80A might be what you need, with a maximum lifting capacity of 8,3 tm and a maximum outreach of up to 12,3 m to grant more power and ability compared to the smaller models. Looking at the biggest model in Fassi’s light-duty range available from 600SA Holdings, we find the F110A. This truck-mounted knuckle boom has a maximum lifting capacity of 11,2 tm, with a maximum outreach of up to 16,5 m to expand the work area even further, granting you the ideal tool to mount on the back of a transport truck.

With these very capable Fassi cranes available in South Africa, the task of loading and transporting various materials can be made simple and easy to save valuable time and money throughout your regular workday. Fassi also offers medium- and heavy-duty models for tougher applications where more muscle is required.

600SA Holdings is where you will find a wide range of Fassi cranes in South Africa. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for images and specifications surrounding these machines, or contact us directly with any further enquiries. Choose 600SA Holdings today and let us lift your business to the next level with our wide range of lifting equipment available in South Africa.

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