Fassi F135A

The Fassi F135A Medium-Duty Crane

When it comes to truck-mounted knuckle-boom mobile cranes, 600SA Holdings offers a wide selection of crane models from both Penz and Fassi to choose from, with our range of Penz cranes specifically designed for use in the recycling and forestry industries. Our range of Fassi lifting equipment offers versatile machines for various industries, such as construction and vehicle transportation. These truck-mounted cranes offer sturdy and reliable solutions for mobile applications when mounted to the back of your truck, eliminating the need for an additional vehicle to assist in lifting and loading, and so broadening the functionality of your current vehicle, to put to more effective use in its work environment.

Using a truck-mounted knuckle-boom crane will add to your vehicle’s abilities and save precious time, giving you the freedom to take advantage of powerful lifting ability wherever your vehicle may be. These cranes are equally as effective when stationary, relying on their outreach ability to ensure that their radius of use is large. With all this in mind, we present the Fassi F135A, delivering a prime example of what you can expect from a capable truck-mounted knuckle-boom crane.

Starting with the basics of the design, the Fassi F135A features a standard knuckle-boom crane design that allows this sturdy piece of lifting equipment to fold into itself for a compact and easy way to transport it when it is not mounted, while the same function allows easy manoeuvrability when mounted, to ensure that the crane does not pose a threat to its surroundings and the driver can go about their business without having to be concerned about its stability. Looking at the functionality of the Fassi F135A, the F135A Dynamic model can lift a maximum capacity of 13,7 tm, with a maximum outreach of 22,55 m with a jib is added to the knuckle boom.

The Active is capable of a 390˚ and the Dynamic a 416° rotation by way of a rack-and-pinion Prolink system at the base of the crane, so you will not only have a big reach, but also ample rotation to ensure that the work area of this mobile crane is large enough to get the job done efficiently and without having to constantly move your vehicle to adjust the operating area. The base and lower part of the operating column are cast in solid steel to allow for stress distribution while lifting and to ensure the durability of this knuckle boom, further helped by the absence of any welding that would be present if the parts were individually cast and had to be welded together. As a result, the Fassi F135A delivers a solid base unit with superb performance and serves as a viable method to generate the necessary lift from a singular pivoting point to ensure stability while operating this crane on the back of your truck.

600SA Holdings offers a wide selection of truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes for sale or hire, with the Fassi F135A serving as an ideal example of quality and functionality for a wide range of uses. For more information, browse our website for specifications or contact us with further enquiries.