Mobile Crane Advantages

The Advantages of Mobile Cranes

Life can be challenging in the industrial sector without the right equipment to take care of daily tasks. Therefore, most industrial companies have an entire work fleet of machinery to get the job done quickly and efficiently, and to optimise performance on a regular workday. Homing in on the details and specifics, we find that every vehicle in a typical work fleet has a specific role to fulfil, with certain abilities for specific uses. Forklifts are ideal for warehousing purposes and adding a management system to the fleet only increases their effectivity and takes the business to a new competitive level.

The same concept can be applied to construction and transportation vehicles, with mobile cranes offering a raft of advantages to work to your company’s benefit. This is where 600SA Holdings can offer viable solutions in terms of providing mobile cranes for your work fleet. We offer truck-mounted crane models from Fassi and Penz that are ideal for industrial and commercial use on your transportation vehicles, and versatile enough to fit the bill for other purposes as well. Should you be in the forestry business, Penz offers two ranges of mobile cranes with many advantages to improve the productivity of your work fleet and bring about time savings and reduced costs without a single compromise.

Penz’s Timber Ranges

Mobile crane advantages start by simply adding mobility to this piece of lifting equipment, but it certainly does not stop there. Being able to carry a knuckle-boom crane on the back of your transportation truck can change the way you approach material handling and log transportation within your work setting. Starting with Penz’s L range, we have a specialised timber range of truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes to easily handle the loading and unloading of your transportation trucks. Offering specialist cranes that are designed for forestry applications, the advantages of these mobile cranes will immediately be obvious in your daily work routine.

This range kicks off with the 5L, featuring a maximum lifting capacity of 950 kg and a work radius of 420˚.The L range scales up to the 30Lp, offering a lifting capacity of 2810 kg within a 415˚ operating radius. Penz also offers the Z range of timber mobile cranes, with the clear advantage of more lifting power available to the operator. This range kicks off with the 4Z, featuring a maximum lifting capacity of 1040 kg within a 380˚ operating radius, and scaling to the biggest model in the series, the 30Z. This specialist truck-mounted crane can lift 3520 kg and operates within a 300˚ radius to grant access to a powerful mobile crane for daily forestry use. With a casual glance at the basic specification sheets of these mobile knuckle-boom cranes, it is easy to see the advantages they can have in the forestry domain, giving you viable options to improve your work fleet and optimise productivity in the process.

600SA Holdings features a wide selection of mobile cranes for the industrial and commercial industries. For more information, please peruse our website for detailed specifications on these machines or contact us directly with any enquiries.