Truck-Mounted Cranes for Sale in South Africa

The Effective Nature of Truck-Mounted Cranes

When it comes to the production of truck-mounted cranes, Fassi delivers a wide selection of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicles that will not only grant the operator a versatile workhorse, but also allow for easy movement between work environments, reducing the hassle of transporting specific machinery to and from the work site. Should you be looking for truck-mounted cranes for sale in South Africa, 600SA Holdings has a wide selection available to our clients. Today, we will be looking at the complete selection of Fassi’s truck-mounted cranes for sale in South Africa through 600SA Holdings, starting with the light-duty models.

Light-Duty Truck-Mounted Cranes

Mounting a knuckle boom crane onto the back of a truck is genius, granting the operator the freedom to drive to where they need to be, able to lift various materials onto the loading bed of the truck, and driving to the dumping site without having the problem of transferring the materials to other vehicles for transportation. Starting at the smallest model in the series, we look at the F28A, capable of lifting 2,5 tm, with its knuckle boom crane able to reach out to a maximum of 6,9 m. Although this truck-mounted crane might seem small in comparison to the bigger model in the series, its functionality and lifting strength will provide for versatile applications in various sectors of the industry, making this model an excellent option for sale in South Africa.

Medium-Duty Truck-Mounted Cranes

These models offer more power and lifting capacity for heavier-duty application. The smallest model in the medium-duty series is the F135A. This knuckle boom truck-mounted crane can lift a maximum of 13 tm, with a maximum outreach of 16,75 m, and ideal for fitment on 2- or 3-axle trucks. Whether you need to use this crane on the construction yard or a similar work environment for lifting applications, it will easily grant the operator a wide working space when standing still to take care of business. The medium-duty range offers a versatile selection for sale in South Africa for various sectors of the industry.

Heavy-Duty Truck-mounted Cranes

Heavy-duty, knuckle boom, truck-mounted cranes for sale in South Africa might be limited in selection, but 600SA Holdings offers a complete and comprehensive selection of Fassi cranes at fair prices for our clients. Moving to the biggest model in the series, we find the F335A. This knuckle boom can lift a total of 31,7 tm, with a maximum outreach of 26,7 m to allow for a very big working space for the operator in complete still-standing mode. This series offers some of the biggest and strongest truck-mounted knuckle boom cranes for sale in South Africa, granting the operator plenty of lifting power to accomplish almost any task that might cross their path in the way to completing a specific project.

600SA Holdings has a variety of truck-mounted cranes for sale in South Africa. For more information about the Fassi models we offer our clients, feel free to peruse our website for images and detailed specifications, or contact us directly for pricing and other enquiries. Choose 600SA Holdings for your next big project and let us supply you with quality lifting equipment to take care of business.

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